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Calhoun City Schools’ Board of Education is committed to honoring the Class of 2020 with a traditional graduation ceremony and recognizes the importance of planning and adherence to the highest safety standards in light of COVID-19. We are aware that large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19, therefore, we want to be responsible and proactive in our approach to planning such an event. Governor Kemp’s public health state of emergency and shelter in place through June 30th has caused us to continually assess, based on current conditions, whether to postpone, cancel, or significantly reduce the number of attendees in upcoming events.

The CDC advises that larger gatherings (more than 250 people) offer more opportunities for person-to-person contact and therefore pose greater risk of COVID-19 transmission. We have consulted with our local and state public health department and have considered their recommendations in our plan.

Calhoun City Schools requests the community respect the social distancing constraints that have been approved for CCS to provide a traditional graduation ceremony. At this time, we plan to move forward with the scheduled date and will re-assess two weeks prior.

Date of Commencement Ceremony: Saturday, August 1, 2020 8:00 p.m. at Hal Lamb Field, Phil Reeve Stadium, Calhoun High School 355 South River Street

1. Each graduate will be given four numbered tickets for parents/guests to attend the outdoor ceremony. Tickets will be drawn at random by seniors during graduation rehearsal on June 30, 2020. (If CDC requirements change, this number may be increased.) Seniors will be responsible for distributing their four tickets to their guests. Two inclement weather tickets will be given to students in the event that weather forces the ceremony into the gym. Only those two guests with inclement weather tickets would be permitted inside the gym.

2. Spectators are required to present tickets to enter the stadium. Regardless of age, each person who enters the stadium must have a ticket. No replacements will be provided so please make sure to keep up with the tickets.

3. There will be sections on the home and visitor sides, in addition to the band stands, identified and labeled by letter. Each section will have seating areas identified by number. Each numbered area will accommodate seating for four individuals. (For example, all four guests with tickets numbered A001 will sit in section A in the seats designated and labeled with the number 001). There will be enough sections to accommodate each graduates’ four guests. Sections will be spread out so social distancing guidelines can be followed.

4. Calhoun City Police Officers, Calhoun Fire Department, and CCS Administrative Staff will be strategically placed throughout the stadium to ensure that proper distancing is maintained and that all follow the outlined expectations.

5. Families will only be allowed in the stadium beginning at 7:00PM in order to alleviate any congregating or visiting inside the stadium.

6. Masks are voluntary, but encouraged, and will be provided for all students, staff and guests.

7. Students and Faculty will be seated on the field at a proper distance to maintain social distancing protocols.

8. The ceremonies will include the traditional student speeches, diploma distribution, conferring of diplomas and the turning of the tassel.

9. Guests are encouraged to bring bottled water to the graduation ceremony.

10. Staff will be on campus to help guests find their assigned seats.

11. Spectators must sit in their assigned locations throughout the ceremony.

12. Throughout the ceremony and following the ceremony, the football field will be closed to guests. Only graduates will be allowed on the field.

13. Following the graduation ceremony, guests should remain in the stands until all graduates have left the field and exited the stadium.

14. Once graduates have cleared the field, guests will be dismissed in phases. We ask that guests be patient as dismissal will take a few minutes. Directions for dismissal will be provided over the PA system.

15. Balloons, horns, stadium seats etc. will not be permitted.

Live Streaming: The ceremony will be live-streamed to allow for those not attending in person to view the ceremony.

Students will be issued a survey via their ccsjackets email account to confirm their attendance at the ceremony, in addition to any specific needs of their guests. Please ensure each senior student completes the survey.

We appreciate that every member of our Jacket family follows rules and guidelines to keep our community safe and healthy. This means thinking of others, appreciating that others’ risk tolerance might be lower than ours, and adjusting our behavior with sensitivity and respect. This means respecting the rules, even when inconvenient to ourselves. Thank you for your consideration and support.

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