An industrial complex proposed for the Payne Farm property on Salem Road hit another stumbling block Monday night at the City Council meeting.

The proposed annexation and zoning request from County A-1 to City Industrial-G for 155.49 acres just south of the Tom B. David Airport runway was tabled in lieu of requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration.

With the proximity to the airport, the FAA has some regulatory oversight in the area as the federal organization charged with managing airway safety.

FAA form 7460 — a notice of proposed construction or alteration — has been filed by the applicants, but word has yet to be received from the agency on whether that has been approved.

HREG Acquisitions LLC is the applicant for the annexation and rezoning of parcels 046-034 and 046-118. The request was discussed at the City Zoning Board meeting held on Sept. 9.

The issue was tabled until the council’s next scheduled meeting on Sept. 27.

County officials have previously addressed concerns over what traffic issues any large industrial warehousing facilities may bring to the area, especially at the intersection of Salem Road — a county roadway — and Highway 41.

Several other zoning requests were passed unanimously by the council Monday night.

The first request approval was from Industrial-G to C-2 for 3.458 acres for a location at Newtown Church Road and Conference Drive by Lamar Worley. Another 0.12-acre tract was also approved for Worley from R-3 to C-2 near the same location.

An 11.31 tract of land at 410 through 420 Beamer Road was approved for rezoning from Industrial-G to planned residential development as requested by Thomas Layson.

Also approved by the council was a beer and wine package license request by Whheguru LLC/Lucky 7 Lotto at 711 S. Wall St. Rekha Awatramani will serve as the store manager.

The council also swore in new Calhoun City School Board member Stephen M. King, who fills the previously vacant Post 3, left empty by the resignation of David Scoggins who left due to a potential conflict of interest.

The next scheduled meeting of the Calhoun City Council is set for Monday, Sept. 27, at the Depot, 109 S. King St., at 7 p.m. All meetings are open to the public.

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