AdventHealth Gordon Cancer Center

This artist rendition shows what the cancer center could look like once complete.

Scheduled to open in December 2020, the AdventHealth Gordon Cancer Center will be the final piece in bringing all cancer services on-campus at AdventHealth Gordon to create a truly comprehensive cancer program.

AdventHealth Medical Group Hematology Oncology at Calhoun and AdventHealth Infusion Center Calhoun will relocate to be housed in the new cancer center. Patients will experience the benefits of receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, iron infusions and fluid replacement treatments on-campus, which will provide maximum collaboration and coordination of care throughout a patients’ cancer care journey.

The cancer center will boast 17 infusion bays with views of an outdoor space that, in keeping with AdventHealth’s whole-person approach to Cancer Care, will be turned into a healing garden to provide patients with the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of nature and the outdoors.

“The infusion bays will have access doors to the healing garden space, so patients who are there for the full day can go outside into the garden area,” said Lanell Jacobs, director of oncology services at AdventHealth Gordon.

In addition to the 17 infusion bays, which will be outfitted with movable glass dividers to allow for patient-controlled privacy options, the cancer center will have nine exam rooms in its clinic space, as well as a dedicated lab and pharmacy. The new facility will accommodate up to 30 percent more daily patients.

Growing demand for chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other services offered at AdventHealth Infusion Center Calhoun prompted hospital leaders to dedicate $2 million in capital funds to construct the new cancer center.

“We had outgrown the space we were in, and the space was no longer meeting our needs,” said Jacobs. “But the greater need was to relocate the service to the campus where our radiation therapy center, breast center and surgical oncology services were located.”

With the completion of the new cancer center, all parts of AdventHealth Gordon’s entire comprehensive Cancer Care program will be located on the main campus. Surgical oncology and urologic oncology are in the medical office building that is connected to the hospital directly above the new hematology/oncology and infusion center. The Edna Owens Breast Center is located across the lobby from the medical office building, and the AdventHealth Harris Radiation Therapy Center is located across the parking lot.

The cancer center’s location in the heart of Gordon County also means patients don’t have to travel far to receive high-quality care from certified health care professionals who have access to the latest medicines, therapies and equipment being used to treat cancer.

“When things are conveniently located and easy for the patient, it makes care better and it makes healing better,” said Jacobs.

The centralized location also improves coordination of care among the health care professionals working with the patients and their families. AdventHealth Gordon’s Cancer Care physicians, nurse navigators and team members work together seamlessly to coordinate treatments between all areas of the Cancer Care program to elevate the level of care patients receive. In addition to treatment, the program also offers nutrition counseling, emotional and mental health counseling, support groups and weight management programming to cancer patients.

“Having easy and convenient access for care is such a benefit to the community,” said Jacobs. “Outcomes are better when access is better.”

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