BC-SOC--MLS Leaders

MLS Leaders

Through Sunday, March 8


Maximiliano Urruti, MTL;3
Luis Amarilla, MIN;2
Ezequiel Barco, ATL;2
Emerson Hyndman, ATL;2
Gadi Kinda, KC;2
Kevin Molino, MIN;2
Jordan Morris, SEA;2
Zdenek Ondrasek, DAL;2
Ike Opara, MIN;2
Alan Pulido, KC;2
Diego Valeri, POR;2
Carlos Vela, LFC;2


Kyle Duncan, NYR;2
Ethan Finlay, MIN;2
Jan Gregus, MIN;2
Pity Martinez, ATL;2
Djordje Mihailovic, CHI;2
Jack Price, COL;2
Cristian Roldan, SEA;2
Keegan Rosenberry, COL;2
Florian Valot, NYR;2

50 players tied with 1



Carlos Vela, LFC;12
Luis Amarilla, MIN;9
Diego Rossi, LFC;9
Raul Ruidiaz, SEA;9
Jozy Altidore, TOR;8
Aleksandar Katai, LA;8
Juergen Locadia, CIN;8
Zdenek Ondrasek, DAL;8
Gustavo Bou, NE;7
Randall Leal, NSH;7
Andre Shinyashiki, COL;7
Maximiliano Urruti, MTL;7


Shots on Goal

Diego Rossi, LFC;8
Carlos Vela, LFC;6
Jozy Altidore, TOR;4
Ezequiel Barco, ATL;4
Juergen Locadia, CIN;4
Vako Qazaishvili, SJ;4
Andre Shinyashiki, COL;4
Maximiliano Urruti, MTL;4

12 players tied with 3



Diego Chara, POR;2
Aleksandar Katai, LA;2
Gadi Kinda, KC;2
Junior Moreno, DC;2
Joao Paulo, SEA;2

81 players tied with 1



Diego Chara, POR;2;0;2
Joe Corona, LA;1;1;2
Aleksandar Katai, LA;2;0;2
Gadi Kinda, KC;2;0;2
Junior Moreno, DC;2;0;2
Joao Paulo, SEA;2;0;2

83 players tied with 1


Goals-Allowed Avg.

Zac MacMath, RSL;0.50
Tim Melia, KC;0.50
Eloy Room, CLB;0.50
David Bingham, LA;1.00
Stefan Frei, SEA;1.00
Pedro Gallese, ORL;1.00
Jesse Gonzalez, DAL;1.00
Brad Guzan, ATL;1.00
Clint Irwin, COL;1.00
Sean Johnson, NYC;1.00
Brad Knighton, NE;1.00
Quentin Westberg, TOR;1.00



Steve Clark, POR;1
Maxime Crepeau, VAN;1
Pedro Gallese, ORL;1
Jesse Gonzalez, DAL;1
Zac MacMath, RSL;1
Tim Melia, KC;1
Eloy Room, CLB;1
Kenneth Vermeer, LFC;1
Quentin Westberg, TOR;1



Sean Johnson, NYC;13
Andre Blake, PHI;11
Bill Hamid, DC;9
Luis Robles, MCF;9
Clement Diop, MTL;8
Kenneth Vermeer, LFC;8
Clint Irwin, COL;7
Daniel Vega, SJ;7
Brad Guzan, ATL;6
Kenneth Kronholm, CHI;6
Tyler Miller, MIN;6
Quentin Westberg, TOR;6


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