Youth Leadership visits City Council

Members of the Youth Leadership Group assembled at the City Council meeting on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017. This year's roster includes: Ryley Balliew, Nathaniel Brooks, Ariel Brown, Caitlyn Cherry, Allie Childers, Alyssa Childs, Mei Chin, Nathania Cortes, Evan Diaz, Emily Driscoll, Mary Grace Dudley, Emory Dunn, Elizabeth Dutch, Christian Dyer, Olivia Fleming, Madeline Fox, Dillan Glass, Kirsten Gordon, John Graves, Hannah Gresham, Leslie Gutierrez, Savannah Hames, Annabelle Harper, Nina Ho, Narumi Imayuki, Russell Johnson, Elizabeth Grace Jones, Alexis Moss, Nnamdi Onyeije, Alexis Owens, Julia Palazzolo, Shetu Patel, Lee Thomas Richardson, Antonio Rios, Hannah Roberts, Lismary Rosales, Jonathan Samaniego, Luke Stewart, Wyatt Stone, Cecelia Swink, Joseph Taylor, Matthew Tuttolomondo, April Volzer, Adriane Warren, Amara White, Makaya Williams, Madelyn Wilson, and Carol-Ann Grace Worsham.


The Calhoun City Council discussed a vast array of topics and approved a variety of new business items during its Monday, Nov. 13 meeting.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the acknowledgement and recognition of the accomplishments of the 2017-2018 Gordon County Youth Leadership class, which was in attendance.

The group is comprised of 48 of the best and brightest students from Sonoraville High School, Calhoun High School, Gordon Central High School and Georgia-Cumberland Academy. It is an eight-month program that introduces the local students to leadership opportunities within the community. It is the 24th class to experience the program.

"It is an honor for us to welcome the Youth Leadership group that is here tonight," Mayor Jimmy Palmer said. "I think it speaks highly of you and your group that you were selected from over 120 applicants. You certainly are leaders in your schools, and we are very pleased to have you here tonight."

Each student present shared their name and what school they attend. Palmer also expressed his appreciation for the advisers of the program, and shared that he, as well as the council members, are available if any of the students had any questions or need help in the future.

As the meeting continued, Palmer also announced the results of the Nov. 7 general municipal elections, adding that a runoff between Alvin Long and Ray Denmon for Post No. 4 is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 5. Early voting will be available.

After the election results were shared, Councilman Al Edwards, Councilman Matt Barton, Councilman David Hammond and Councilwoman Jackie Palazzolo each presented their monthly comments on the various departments they are responsible for reporting on.

At the conclusion of the comments, the council addressed a few items of new business listed on the agenda. They received a citizen request from Martha

Smith and had a discussion regarding the condition of the curbs at the Forest Heights Apartments complex. The council noted it was an issue that needed attention.

Other items on the agenda included the first readings of annexation requests by William Jenson and Jason Everts. The council then approved a memorandum of understanding between the City of Calhoun and Gordon County to pursue funding for the "Miracle Mile," which is an established section of the Rivers to Ridge Trail Master Plan.

Among items that were approved by the council was a meeting date change from Dec. 25 to Dec. 18, a request to surplus a 2005 Ford F-350 service truck by the Water and Wastewater Maintenance Department, and a request from the Calhoun Police Department to use Asset Forfeiture Account funds to purchase vehicle.

Personnel changes that were approved by the council included an Alcohol Manager Change request by RaceTrac, an Alcohol Manager Change request by Wall Street Grille, a Pawn Manager Change request by Check into Cash of Georgia, LLC, a Pawn Manager Change request for Corner Pawn, a Pawn Manager Change request by D & S Pawn, Inc. and a Pawn Manager Change request by TitleMax of Georgia.

There was also numerous annual business license renewals approved, including many beer, wine and liquor pouring licenses, in addition to pawn and taxi renewals.

City Administrator Eddie Peterson submitted the Fiscal Year 2017 4th quarter budget amendments and financial statements. He also addressed the Youth Leadership students and explained some aspects of how the city's budget is maintained. The statements were then approved.

As the meeting was drawing to a close, City Attorney George Govignon introduced an addendum to the Probation Services Agreement that had been received from SSI. The council approved the agreement.

The council will meet again on Monday, Nov. 27.