A Chicago Tribune photojournalist says another newspaper’s single photograph of a star high school basketball player seeming to “flip off” the opposing team’s fans was taken out of context. And Tribune photographer Scott Strazzante released all of his raw images capturing the incident as proof that the player did nothing wrong.

Now, the photographer who posted the image that caused an online firestorm, and nearly cost the player a chance to play in a tournament, says he should not have used the image.

Stevenson High’s star player Jalen Brunson was in the process of scoring a Illinois state semifinal record 56 points when he sank what would have been a three-point shot. The basket was waived off as a foul. Brunson raised his hands in protest. Photographers captured the moment. This is how the Journal Star’s website sports blog played the image under the headline “Excellence Soured by Poor Sportsmanship.”

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