Garden And Gun

Ice-cold beer goes down easy on any day. But none more so than the dog days of August, when muggy hits a whole new level. Lately, it’s hard to keep track of every saison, lager, and pale ale to hit the market, so we’ve rounded up a collection of ten of our favorite new brews. Joining the likes of Abita, Terrapin, and Yazoo, these operations are taking over taps below the Mason-Dixon line—and helping prove that there is more than just bourbon flowing in the South. 

Ardent Craft Ales

Richmond, Virginia

Four years ago, brewers Paul Karns, Kevin O’Leary, and Tom Sullivan set up shop in a garage, where they began testing a run of experimental beers with help from members of their home-brewing cooperative. Nowadays, Ardent is a somewhat more legitimate operation, with a newly opened taproom offering fresh suds and a menu of small plates. 

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