Heritage High School baseball standout Colby Chattin was one of 11 high-school seniors to sign letters of intent in a press conference held on Tuesday, Jan 15 at the Georgia Highlands College.
Georgia Highlands Chargers' head coach Mike Marra said he anticipates a very strong team and was excited to have Chattin on board. Marra drove to Heritage on Wednesday for Chattin's signing party with friends and family.
"We know we have a great challenge ahead of us in starting a competitive intercollegiate program from scratch, but we feel we have a great group of young men who are ready to meet the challenge," he said. "The most impressive thing about Colby to me was when I saw him he played three positions. He pitched, played third base and he caught.
He swings that bat well, he's athletic and he's versatile, which is important at our level."
Marra said he couldn't say enough about Chattin's character and his role as a student athlete in the classroom.
"I don't think we'll have to worry about Colby getting into trouble in college, and that's a good thing," Marra said.
Chattin said he couldn't wait to play baseball for the Chargers.
"I've put in a fair amount of time to get here on and off the field," he said. "I cannot thank everyone enough who has helped me get to where I am today."
Chattin is the son of Constance, who will join him in the Under Armour Preseason All-American tournament later this month in Arizona, and Steve Chattin. Steve is the softball coach at Heritage High School, and a former head coach in baseball at Southeast Whitfield High School.
Coach Chattin said he is very proud of Colby’s hard work and sacrifices he has made for the sport.
"One of the things that (Heritage Coach Eric) Beagles said about Colby was so true," he said. "He's played a lot of baseball. I've been involved with his life since he was six-years-old and he's played baseball in the spring, summer and fall all over the country," Chattin said. "He's been to the Midwest, out West, Northeast and I think those things have matured him on and off the field."
Beagles said he Chattin had played more baseball games than any player to come through the school, and it has paid off.
"Colby is without a doubt one of the most athletic players we've had in the program," he said. "I think that speaks for itself. He has the ability to play multiple positions in the infield. He has a lot of flexibility."
Beagles said Chattin has played every position in the infield. He said he's always willing to fill in because he "wants the team to be successful."
He said his ability to see and read the game was "remarkable."
"Those are intangibles that are very hard to teach," he said. "He has the ability to create base runners and he creates multiple opportunities offensively for his teammates. He's made a real cautious effort to develop his defensive skills, and that's become extremely important to him too."
Heritage principal Ronnie Bradford said he thought Colby was "one of the most gifted natural athletes to have come through Heritage.”
"He can play any sport and he can play pretty much any position, but what I enjoy about him the most is his personality," Bradford said.