Shoe print evidence points to two men suspected of committing two burglaries in a Fort Oglethorpe neighborhood.

Jacob Nathaniel Fisher of Rossville and Charles Daniel Kelley III of Ringgold have been arrested for burglarizing the residence at 207 Forrest Road and are suspected of burglarizing 112 Gilbert Drive as well.

According to the incident report for the Forrest Road burglary:

On Tuesday, May 26, a neighbor reported that two white males were acting suspiciously on Forrest Road. Fort Oglethorpe Police Department officers approached them as they walked on Van Cleve Street near Gilbert Stephenson Park.

Fisher and Kelley told police they had been in the area of the reported incident because they were supposed to be meeting a friend, but were unable to provide a name when questioned.

When the officers saw lumps in their pockets, Fisher and Kelley were searched for weapons.

Officers found jewelry in Fisher’s pockets. Fisher explained they were from his grandmother. He also had several coins in his pockets.

Another officer checked the home on Forrest Road and found the side door kicked in.

The shoeprint on the door had a Vans logo impression, which matched the logo on Fisher’s shoes.

“The FBI calls that a clue,” police chief David Eubanks said.

Both Fisher and Kelley were arrested.

When officers searched the suspects, they found two personal checks as well as $50 cash.

Eubanks said the checks were “to use later to commit yet another crime.”

The value of the stolen jewelry and coins was $500, and all of the stolen items were returned to the resident.

Police also suspect Fisher and Kelley for the forced-entry burglary on Gilbert Drive.

According to the incident report for the Gilbert Drive burglary:

On that same day, when she returned home, the homeowner noted a small piece of wood on the concrete in front of her door.

When she entered the residence, she found her belongings out of place, but nothing missing.

“(They) apparently just didn’t see anything small enough to fit in their pockets,” Eubanks said.

The officer found a shoeprint and recognized that the two cases may be linked.

The prints and the shoe are at the crime lab, and the second burglary charge for Fisher and Kelley are pending those results.



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