Sherman Ross

Sherman Ross, Rockmart City Council

A Rockmart businessman and council member seeks to continue the work already underway to improve the lives of local residents as his key platform in a run for mayor in the coming municipal elections.

Sherman Ross, Rockmart’s Ward 4 Council Member and owner of Sherman Ross State Farm Insurance, announced his intentions to run for mayor ahead of the August qualifying period as the week came to a close. The second-term council member seeks in his run for a new office in local government to continue a path toward improvements for the community in an open seat for the 2019 ballot.

“I look forward to the opportunity to offer myself for public service to the Citizens of the City of Rockmart,” Ross said in a statement on Friday evening. “I am a servant leader and have the leadership skills to lead and ability to collaborate with others to achieve positive results for the benefit of our Citizens.”

Ross moved to Rockmart with his wife Debbie in 1995, and for the past 23 years he’s owned and operated his State Farm Insurance business. He’s been with State Farm companies for the past 36 years.

Since moving to Rockmart, Ross became involved in several initiatives, including but not limited to leadership roles in Rockmart-Aragon United Fund, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Board, Polk County Planning Commission, City of Rockmart Planning Commission, Rockmart Business Alliance, Polk County Chamber of Commerce, Sara Hightower Library Board, Habitat for Humanity-Coosa Valley and as one of Polk County’s two representatives on the Highland Rivers Health Governing Board of Directors.

He also is a graduate of the Polk County Leadership Program and Georgia Academy of Economic Development Regional Economic & Leadership Development

Ross also is a longtime member of the Rotary Club, and attends services with Debbie at Crossview Church.

He was first voted into office in 2013 in a contested race, but ran for a second term in 2017 without any challenges on the ballot.

In his statement Friday, Ross said that “It has been an honor to serve as City Councilman and work alongside Mayor Steve Miller, City Manager Jeff Ellis, City Clerk and Financial Officer Pam Herring, our Department Supervisors, City employees and my fellow City Council members.”

“As the result of leadership and stewardship from past and present Mayor(s), Council members and employees, our City is financially strong, our Citizens have the benefit of a Library, Arts and Theater programs, Recreation program, Department of Community Development Fire, Police, Public Works and Water and Sewer Departments, that strive to serve and protect in a first class manner,” his statement continued.

Ross already has an idea in mind of a direction he wants to continue steering the city, with a focus on making it easier for people to invest in business, and keeping Rockmart clean and safe for all.

“We want to encourage people to take care of their properties, which enhances everyone’s property and makes the city more attractive to outside investors,” he said. “We’re in great shape. We’ve got a beautiful city, I think. But it can be even better, and our whole community can benefit — our businesses and schools.”

His statement added that “My vision as Mayor would be to work with Council members and our City Manager to continue to enhance customer service, code enforcement, plan for infrastructure needs, Community Policing and encouraging investment in our City.”

Ross is the first candidate to announce their intention to seek the Mayor’s seat following the announcement by Mayor Steve Miller that he wouldn’t seek a new term in office, keeping a promise he made to only serve two terms.