Trout Unlimited

Note: The first part of this edition of Talking Trout is by Jody Fincher, a member of the Coosa Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

I am Jody Fincher, and I love to fish, especially with my son Joseph. Joseph and I have planned a fly-fishing trip to the Green River in Utah in April. Although I have been fly fishing for a while I consider myself still a novice, but my son is much better than I am.

Joseph has fished the area before, so when he recommended I get another rod for the trip, I listened. He talked about the casting distances, water conditions and the wind that might have to be contended with. I have two fly rods, a Pfleuger four weight (my favorite rod given to me by my son 20 years ago) and a Winston five weight. My knowledge of fly rods is basic and fly rods can be confusing.

Rods are grouped by weights and length. The size line that the rods handle goes from a one weight all the way to 14 weight. The higher the number, the heavier the line the rod can handle. Little numbers are for small fish and higher numbers for big fish like tarpon and sharks. That is the extent of my knowledge!

In choosing a rod there are other things to think about — length, soft, medium or fast action — and the many brands — Orvis, R.L. Winston, Sage, Temple Fork to name a few — with price points and different characteristics and technology. The list goes on. But the knowing that I’ll get one and hopefully catch a fish with it makes the search enjoyable.

My knowledge is lacking and my experience is not great, but I do know that I am active in the local chapter of Trout Unlimited. The chapter has great guys with so much more experience and knowledge than I, and these experts are more than happy to advise me and anyone else hungry for fly-fishing on rod types, size and cost.

The Coosa Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited is having our Trout Expo on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Rome-Floyd ECO Center at Ridge Ferry Park. Come and learn what our chapter does for the community. The money we raise through the Chili Cook Off and other avenues is contributed to education locally.

We sponsor activities for kids with our Kids Fishing Day and Veterans Fishing Day. As for fishing, we are not just into fly-fishing but fishing as a whole. There are many more spin fishermen in the chapter than those dedicated to the fly rod.

There will be guys that have had years of experience and are more than willing to share with anyone. There is so much to be learned and it is all free, so come and join us on Saturday. I will be there getting help from the guys to make my final decision on my new rod.

Trout Expo

The Trout Expo returns this year to the Rome-Floyd ECO Center on Saturday. This is a chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about trout, trout fishing and the Coosa Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Members of the chapter will be there along with U.S. Forest Service and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources personnel to educate everyone about trout and trout habitat in Georgia.

The amount of information that will be available about the streams, locations and methods of angling will be hard to match. Our members have worked closely with the Forest Service and the DNR on stream projects all across North Georgia. Someone at the Expo can give you details about almost any stream and the fish that are there.

We will have folks that will specialize in bait fishing, spinning lures, as well as fly-fishing. There will be something for everyone regardless of age. There will be door prizes of outdoor and fishing gear given away throughout the day, as well as casting competitions with prizes for both fly-casting and spin fishing.