Aaron Tyre

Aaron Tyre, a guide with the River Through Atlanta guide service, holds a large brown trout he caught recently before releasing it. (Contributed photo)

If you are new to fishing and want to catch a certain type of fish and do not know where or exactly how, hiring a guide who is knowledgeable about the area and the fish you wish to catch is a logical first step. A guide will know what type of lure or bait works best as well as the best time to go.

The guide will know the lake or stream you want to fish and may actually advise against a certain location. Guides know what affects the water levels, the water quality and the species you are seeking. There may be too much traffic on the lake or stream or the past weeks’ rain may have a lake so full that the area below the dam is too high and swift to fish due to releases from the dam. The guide may even suggest that the trip be postponed.

If you are a good fisherman who has success in the local area, you may desire to take a trip to a new area or want to try and catch a type of fish that you have only seen on TV or read about. Whether on a lake, river or ocean, the guide uses his knowledge to gain a reputation as one who produces fish for his clients. If the guide is employed by a guide service you can usually rest assured that the guide is reliable.

If you want to fish the Chattahoochee River for brown trout, I know a guide service operated by a friend of mine, Chris Scalley. Chris started his guide service, River Through Atlanta, about 24 years ago. He personally knows the Chattahoochee River better than anyone I know. He spends about two hundred days a year fishing or guiding on the river. He employs fifteen additional guides who are not only specialists on local waters such as the Hooch but know other rivers, streams and lakes almost as well as Chris.

I recently fished with Chris with my friend Ken Bradshaw. Although Ken and I both have fished the Hooch on many occasions, it was a pleasure to fish with a guide who not only knows the river and the fish but has the boat and any fishing equipment that might be needed. Not having to haul a boat, navigate waters that are full of boulders and logs and never having to worry about steering or controlling the drift makes a trip that much more enjoyable.

I have been fishing over 60 years and have used guides on several occasions. Guides will never guarantee that you will catch fish, but your odds of catching fish are greatly improved. Usually the only things you need to bring are your rods, sunscreen, a rain jacket and maybe a snack and some beverages. If you want a great guide service for trout and other fish or even a duck hunting trip just contact River Through Atlanta Chattahoochee River Guide Service. The website is www.riverthroughatlanta.com.

Trout Meeting

Tonight’s meeting of the Coosa Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited is the last opportunity to buy a chance to win the Dream Trip for two to Idaho.

The prize package includes two deluxe fly rod outfits, two boxes of flies with food and lodging for two in a private cabin just outside Yellowstone, a float trip on the river and $500 traveling money. Each chapter’s tickets will be turned in Saturday at the TU State Council meeting.

Also, tonight’s guest speaker is Aaron Tyre, one of the guides from River Through Atlanta guide service. Aaron will have a presentation on all aspects of the guide service and will answer questions as well as be able to book trips for any anglers wishing to take a trip.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at the Rome Floyd ECO River Education Center at Ridge Ferry Park. The public is invited and all members who have Dream Trip tickets must attend.

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