Darlington eighth-grader Logan Floyd hit four home runs in the middle school team's 20-11 win over Rome Middle School, completing the home run cycle.

Logan Floyd recently had a day on the baseball diamond that most players can only dream about. The kicker is Floyd is only in the eighth grade.

In a 20-11 win against Rome Middle School on April 4, Darlington’s Floyd had about as good a day as you can have, hitting for a rare home run cycle and setting a school record in the process.

A home run cycle is when a player hits a solo, two-run and three-run homer, and a grand slam in a single game. Floyd accomplished this in his four at-bats in the victory.

“I’ve been around baseball for 29 years,” Darlington middle head coach Chris Eberhart said. “I’ve been playing and coaching for years and I’ve never seen this kind of thing.”

Before the game, Eberhart had made a joke with an umpire that Floyd would hit one out. He hadn’t imagined he would send four homers out of the Rome Middle School softball field, which backs up to a marsh area.

“I told him, 'I’ve got a guy that if they pitch it over the plate he’s going to clear those trees out there,'” Eberhart said. “And when that first one happened we just started smiling. They’re never going to get that ball back.”

With each at-bat, Floyd's coach just kept getting more and more impressed at the situation.

“I’ve seen three in a row before, but to see it done by one kid in three straight at-bats — I couldn’t stop laughing. Then when he hit that solo shot, I had to pinch myself. I couldn’t believe what happened. We were having so much fun.”

The feat was accomplished earlier this year by University of Arkansas softball player Danielle Gibson, but it’s never happened in Major League Baseball.

The Tigers closed out the regular season this past Thursday with a doubleheader sweep of Chattooga in Summerville. Floyd, who also plays on Darlington's junior varsity team, hit three home runs on the day. Floyd has only played in four games for the middle school this season.

“If he would’ve played with us every single game, who knows how many he would’ve hit,” Eberhart said.

The Tigers finished the regular season 5-7 and will face Rome Middle again Tuesday in the first round of the Floyd County Athletic Association playoffs.

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