The Lord smiled on Celanese Saturday and our attempt at a neighborhood-wide yard sale was a success (for the most part).

We were worried that the 100 degree temperatures we’ve been having would keep people away but come Saturday morning, it was actually very cool.

Y’all know I had written a column recently asking Celanese residents to participate in the first (hopefully annual) yard sale and asking Rome residents to come out and walk around and buy all the treasures we had for sale.

This was my neighbor Lacey’s idea and we tried our best to get the word out but we were scared that no one would participate.

I started getting a little hopeful when the day before the yard sale, I could see residents had put up signs all around Celanese letting folks know which addresses to go to.

We had set the start time at 7 a.m. Well bounce to me (that’s how my friend Brandy says unbeknownst to me) it’s still very much dark at 7 a.m. I never get up that early so I don’t know what 7 a.m. looks like. Well it’s pitch black, apparently.

When I tore myself out of bed, took a shower and went outside to start setting up I could see my neighbor Jody across the street using flashlights to set up in her front yard. Her daughter Brooke brought over furniture and other items so they had a ton of stuff to sell.

Me and Lacey set out all the items we were selling. She had even thought to go buy balloons to put on the ends of the street to draw people’s attention, and to put on our mailboxes.

As early as about 7:15 a.m. folks started coming by and looking at everything we had set out. There were about 5 houses on our street alone that participated. One guy named Eric made a killing. He sold a ton of stuff while Lacey and I cussed him under our breath cause we didn’t sell as much as he did. Every time we looked over, he was loading something else into someone’s car.

Me and Lacey (that’s how I talk. In regular conversation I wouldn’t say Lacey and I) Me and Lacey sat in our yards and enjoyed the cool breeze while dozens of people walked by, stopped to talk and bought a couple things every now and again.

We really wanted to drive around the neighborhood to see who all had put out stuff to sell but we couldn’t just leave all of our “valuables” just sittin’ out there with no one to mind em, so we relied on what visitors were telling us.

Apparently there were at least two or three folks on each street that had put stuff out to sell. And Celanese has a ton of streets. Every now and again, residents from other streets would come over and say hello and give us an update. John came over from a few streets away to say people weren’t really stopping at his house, but Gladys came over from Ash to say that her neighbor had sold a ton of stuff.

From our street we could see that several neighborhood residents had put out clothes, furniture, art, decor and a variety of other items to sell. It made me very happy to see that.

And that’s what me and Lacey really cared about. It was great when we sold items but what we were hoping for is that residents participated and visitors felt it was worth it to drive out there and walk around a bit. We loved having people come up to us and just chat about the neighborhood or about the stuff we had to sell. We loved seeing families walking down the street and enjoying being outside.

We were trying to model it after the Summerville Park yard sale. Every year the people in that neighborhood do the same thing and they have really good participating. We wanted to have something just like it. And many of those folks came over to support our event and we appreciate it.

Me and Lacey didn’t make a whole ton of money from our sale but we considered the event a success. Dozens of Celanese residents participated and a ton of people from the community came to our little neighborhood to shop and walk around. I saw folks loading up trucks and cars with all sorts of new purchases to take home.

It was great to see the streets of Celanese so busy and full of life.

So I’d like to thank the wonderful residents of Celanese who participated in the yard sale, and I’d like to thank those Rome and Floyd County residents who came out to see what we had to offer. And I thank the baby Jesus for the wonderful weather we had because that certainly made for a great day of yard sale-ing.

This will be an annual event and we envision it getting bigger and better each year. But we can only do that with the community’s support.

That’s one of the best things about living in a community like Rome. And it’s something we take for granted. Folks actually get out and participate. They participate in all sorts of cool community events such as festivals and parades, art shows, cookouts, bike rides even yard sales. There are many places where people don’t do anything to support their community. We do. Always remember that. Rome supports its own.

See y’all at next year’s yard sale. Bring cash.

Severo Avila is features editor for the Rome News-Tribune

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