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Yes, America Cares

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Letter to the editor

This week in our own Rome New-Tribune I have read, “Americans have stopped caring about gun violence.” To say no one cares is presumptuous to say the least. What a broad and sweeping statement.

Instead of asking why there are so many school shootings today as opposed to years past when school shootings were unheard of, the writer decides to take the easy route and blame guns.

Guns can be potentially very dangerous and should be respected as such. In the wrong hands a gun can certainly be deadly.

The school shootings of today are a result of a broken society which has lost touch with its very soul.

Guns have been around American culture since the founding of this nation. The only change has been within our people.

If we are to survive as a nation we need to cultivate and promote the importance of strong loving families with values handed down.

This will do more to stop violence than any amount of government regulation.

And yes, I care very much about gun violence.