In 1965, thousands of Cubans were airlifted from Cuba by the U.S. to rescue them from Castro and Socialism. Millions more floated over the Gulf in the coming years. This is America, we are better than this. Better than tear gas and hate. Better than hatred and shootings. Give us your poor, your broken masses; let us give them a second chance. A third. A fourth.

The US loses 75,000 people a day to accidents, sickness, old age, crime, abortion and war. I think we have the space for a few thousand more folks. If we can spend trillions sending space junk to Mars or billions on our pets or money we let rich people collect, we can afford to help them. Where are the churches in this? These refugees are probably Catholic. Where is the pope? When the people got off the boat during the Civil War they were conscripted into the army. Others were placed building the railroads. I bet we have a military base these folks can be placed in. Assess them like those who came through Ellis Island. For Heaven sake's folks, it’s Christmas. What would Jesus Do?