Cal Thomas’ op-ed in the Nov. 26 Rome News-Tribune (“A lesson from ‘The Crown’”) was a new low in his efforts to bolster the teetering Trump regime.

Citing an episode of the TV series “The Crown,” he praises Queen Elizabeth II for talking Lord Mountbatten out of an attempted “coup” to oust Prime Minister Harold Wilson and take over the British government. He says we should learn a lesson from this episode — that the people should decide the fate of our beleaguered President in the next election, not the impeachment process.

First, we haven’t been part of the British government since July 4, 1776. Second, unlike our friends in the United Kingdom, we the people of the United States of America live within the framework of a written Constitution. Third, the impeachment process is part of that very Constitution (Article 1, Section 4). Fourth, the Founding Fathers put the impeachment process in place so voters don’t have to wait for an election when there is a President in office who has engaged in treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors.

The mountain of evidence produced at the House impeachment hearings shows bribery, solicitation, corruption, abuse of power, obstruction and violations of federal election laws by Trump and his minions. All the valiant sniping by Trump-loyal Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee did not contradict this.

The witnesses were solid and the documents (especially the White House’s own transcript of Trump’s phone call) were damning. If the evidence at a Senate trial is the same as it was in the House hearings, the result will not be surprising. There are just too many smoking guns in this latest Trump mess.

Mr. Thomas was right on one point: if members of the U.S. Senate fail to find the moral courage to put aside partisanship and they disregard the plain facts, we the voters will get the final say in next year’s election, both with this horror of a President and the Senators who give him a pass.

Shamefully, Mr. Thomas snuggled up to the fanciful theory that the Bidens were guilty of something and that Ukraine was trying to influence the 2016 election for Hilary Clinton, and that somehow allowed Trump to ask for a “favor” in exchange for releasing military aid. U.S. Intelligence thoroughly debunked these fairy tales about the Bidens and Clinton.

Moreover, Russian expert Fiona Hill clearly pointed out this is just a fictitious narrative pushed by Russian intelligence to divide us. I, for one, don’t buy into Putin propaganda, and neither should anyone else, no matter how well Donald Trump gets along with Putin.

Finally, Cal Thomas, I suggest that instead of crying out “God Save the Queen!” at the end of your op-eds, you instead cry out “God Save the United States Constitution!”

Paul Culotta


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