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We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Rome Fire Department’s first responders who answered the call for the major fire at our 1880s historic home at 313 E. Fourth Ave. last Saturday morning. If not for their quick response within three minutes of receiving the alarm at approximately 3:38 a.m., we are certain this may have turned into a tragic situation for the neighborhood. Our community is extremely fortunate to have such a skilled and dedicated fire department, and all who witnessed the scene said they were remarkable.

We also want to thank our wonderful neighbors, friends and the many strangers who have offered their support, encouragement and prayers as we try to navigate this painful ordeal.

After renovating the house for close to two years, there was definitely an emotional attachment to what felt like a dear friend getting a new lease on life after years of deterioration. It was a charming and quirky old house that we had hoped would soon be a lovely asset to the neighborhood once again. We appreciate that the Between the Rivers community was behind us every step of the way, sharing our enthusiasm about the project.

Thank you all for caring. It means so much to us and completely exemplifies why Rome is such a special place to live, and why it will always be our home.