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Members of the Rome Federation Garden Clubs appreciate the beautiful landscaping all around the City of Rome created by John Schulz. It is also worthy to honor Anne Culpepper for sharing knowledge about the history of Rome.

Your article on Feb. 4 failed to mention the countless hours of volunteers who have created a pollinator garden at Bailey Park next to the Clock Tower parking lot. The 10 Rome Federated Garden Clubs have been working at the Clock Tower Garden for almost two years. Requested by the City of Rome, garden club members and spouses, along with Berry freshmen, have toiled to rejuvenate an overgrown patch of weeds into a beautiful pollinator garden. This project was on a shoe string budget, with many of the plants being donated by members of the garden clubs. We were delighted when all sorts of butterflies, mainly monarchs, were present at the Clock Tower Garden this past year.

Thank you in advance to the Rome City officials who will celebrate the dedication of the beautification of Bailey Park with the Federated Garden Club members on April 10.

Editor’s note: Thank you for pointing out all who were involved with this project. While it is normal to focus on one aspect or person in an article — in this case the designer John Schulz — it would have been nice to explain by whom the blank canvas referred to by the designer was prepared.