Last night I read your articles β€œ75 Years D-Day.” I even missed my two favorite evening TV shows. Since I am not a history buff, I understood the big picture, but not many details. I remember meeting a family in Cave Spring whose dad participated in the war, but he did not discuss his service. Thankfully, some veterans did share and Rome News-Tribune captured those moments in history. Thank you!

After reading all the articles I began to cry. What courage these young men and women had. One of the articles mentioned that, β€œIn Georgia at 4 a.m. people gathered in prayer at their local church.” All of us were touched in some way across the globe by the war. One cousin in my family died, then an uncle made it home safely as family and friends awaited his return. Although I was very young, I did understand the situation.

Giving God thanks for all veterans and their families for freedoms we enjoy. What can we do to make sure our country is safe and secure? Pray and pray and pray. Not only for the United States of America, but for those countries north, south, east and west of the U.S.A.

Phyllis Edson


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