We want to thank all of the people of Rome and Floyd County who came out Nov. 28 to put on a fabulous Christmas parade. It was one of the biggest ever! The floats this year were extraordinary and the many new entries added so much to the parade atmosphere. Where else could we find live camels walking down Broad Street?

Mostly we want to thank three groups who make this parade possible every year.

First and foremost, our local law enforcement. The Rome City Police Department go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the parade is safe for both participants and viewers. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Posse helps behind the scenes with the line-up making sure everyone gets to their right location. We could not put on an event this size without both of their participation.

We also want to thank the Rome City Commission and the City of Rome who are most helpful with many aspects of the parade. The Floyd County Schools also provide much needed support for the parade.

Finally, we want to thank the tireless heroes on the Rome Christmas Parade committee. This small group of 22 people come together every year, year after year, to put on one of the biggest and best attended events we have in our county. Over 20,000 people watched the parade live, and thousands more watched live on Facebook, thanks to Lisa Smith and Doug Walker. Thank you, Lisa and Doug.

We want to give a huge shout out to the parade committee itself. They work behind the scenes with very little recognition, but as a well-oiled machine, each doing their part to create a magnificent whole. Margaret Hollingsworth handles our website, Facebook page and so much more. Faye Hicks has been our secretary for over 30 years. Dennis Newby makes sure Santa’s sleigh is ready for his arrival. Scott Moody coordinates all the area bands together to provide a holiday concert to the crowds. Phil Burkhalter helps with all the line-up the night of the parade. Al and Kathy Donahue provide our trophies and serve as Street Captains. Other street captains and line up assistants are Randy Quick, Carey and Judy Ingram, Phyllis Rucker, Connie Cammon Bonds, Larry Atwell, Alissa Morris, David Monteith and Susan Jones. Emily and Bryan Johnson distribute prizes to the winners. Bill and Linda Pinson provide all our photography. Finally, Kay Chumbler and Micah Duke and Heritage First Bank serve as our treasurer and sponsor our annual breakfast to honor our Grand Marshal. Oh, and to our judges (you know who you are, but we won’t tell!) much thanks for over 20 years of judging.

If you see any of these people over the next few weeks, please thank them for their service to our community and for creating a memory all of us, and our children and grandchildren, will carry with us throughout our lives. The Christmas Parade is a time honored tradition of how special it is to live in a community like ours.