Why is it so hard to actually get someone on the phone at the Division of Family and Children’s Services? Why can’t they communicate and get things done in time like they expect you to do? I completed my application for food stamps, which I’ve been on since my disability got approved in 2016, in March 2018. It was due in April and on the website it stated that everything was approved, so when May came around, I thought everything was good to go until I called to verify the amount on my card. Well, that started my frustration!

I called number after number, person after person, only to get voicemails to which they say that I would receive a return phone callwithin 24 hours. Well, it has been days, weeks, and I’m still waiting on a return call from all of the numbers that I called. I even call the person’s manager, like they said to if I didn’t receive a call back, and he didn’t return the phone call either. Way to lead by example!

So when someone finally called, she couldn’t tell me why I haven’t heard anything about my case, only that she was just assigned to my case and that they were behind. Since the DFCS  is behind, we have to suffer and do without, but they expect you to be on time with everything that you do for them. Now, I have been receiving this benefit since my disability in 2016, and nothing has changed except that I owe more medical bills and now they close my case! I barely make enough to pay my house payment and power bill and they are saying that I make too much money.

Now for those of you that are judging me for needing this benefit, I had much rather be working and have worked all my life since I was 16. I didn’t ask for the accident to happen to me. There are several people in this county that are honestly deserving of this benefit and the DFCS  is making it hard for people to get the help they deserve. I never got any communication stating that there would be a delay or that they needed other documents to prove my bills. They have told me that my daughter is not eligible but yet still ask me questions about her. If she is not eligible, then she shouldn’t be mentioned. The DFCS  needs to improve and we the needy expect and demand the same service as the more fortunate.