It is with mixed emotions that I saw where former Mayor Evie McNiece would not be continuing on the Rome City Commission. She and her husband are well deserving of more family time. But I have appreciated her work at the state level as well as the local level. Of the hundreds of cities in Georgia they chose her to represent them as the finance chair for the Georgia Municipal Association as it dealt with issues all over the state. Not just for Rome, but for all cities in Georgia, she worked on issues with the Department of Revenue in transparency, in getting a fair share of sales taxes for cities, and in making sure that the marketplace was fair for local businesses that now compete on a world-wide basis. Many of the changes that we are just now seeing come to fruition were in part because of her work around the state. As finance chair for the Georgia State Senate, it was gratifying to sit next to her in meetings where we were both introduced as the finance chair for our organizations and both be identified as being from Rome. It is not often that I am with someone who knows the numbers better than me, but with Evie, that was often the case.

I saw the handwriting on the wall a few months ago when her husband Doug, who has served as one of the finest anesthesia providers in our community for decades, was giving up the 24-hour call schedules during the week and the 48-hour call on weekends. He would go to the outpatient surgery center with its weekday daytime hours only. It is a little ironic to say to them “Now that you both just have one full-time job each you can have more free time”— but their schedule will, I hope, give them more time to enjoy children and grandchildren. They have served their community well. Best wishes for a happy future.

Sen. Chuck Hufstetler, Finance Chair

Georgia State Senate District 52

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