I do not live in the Summerville Park area of Rome, but I am strongly opposed to the building of a Choice Inn hotel inside the neighborhood on Charlton Street and I think every resident of Floyd County should be concerned as well.

The Choice Inn is planning to construct a 50-plus room hotel/motel with the front of the hotel and parking facing Charlton Street and the side of the hotel facing Martha Berry Highway.

I drive this stretch of Martha Berry every day to and from work at a local hospital. Unfortunately, the current group of six or so hotels/motels that are within walking distance of one another house some very negative behavior. Behavior that no decent nor sane person would ever willingly invite into their neighborhood, near their homes and families.

Rome and Floyd County has a huge drug/prostitution/gang/transient problem. To allow more of these businesses who cater to this is appalling. These motels are built and run by people who seek to profit off the deterioration and destruction of people’s lives and they do so at the expense of good communities.

I understand the thought behind our leaders wanting to promote tourism in Floyd County and building out large event spaces such as the tennis courts and others. But our visitors have to drive through homeless camps and prostitution hubs to get there! The residents of Summerville Park would be crazy if they did not fight back against this direct invasion into their neighborhood. When I look at small communities like Silver Creek, Lindale and Cave Spring and see how the lack of thoughtful governing has negatively affected these areas, it upsets me greatly.

Summerville Park residents as well as concerned residents of Floyd County need only to look to those communities to see what can happen when residents stay silent. The good people of Cave Spring finally started fighting back, the good people of Lindale are starting to rise up and I hope more communities will start to make their voices heard and push back against the darkness that is seeping in all around us in this county. Floyd County should say no to any business that does not share values that promote a healthy, vibrant, family-friendly community.

Mistee Graham


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