For approximately two months there have been signs at the railroad crossings at Redmond Circle, Lavender Drive and Division Street stating “rough crossing,” which is an understatement based on the horrific condition of the crossings. If you want to save your vehicle from damage the best thing to do is come to a stop before crossing over. I kept thinking these crossings would be fixed soon but that is not the case.

I finally called the City of Rome and they told me that Norfolk Southern Railway was responsible and they don’t have any control of the crossings. With that I called Norfolk Southern Railway and talked to an employee who stated that this is the procedure that the railway uses. They first come and do rail and crosstie repairs and then come back later to finish the crossing as it should be. In the meantime, the crossings are left almost impassable until they decide to get back. I was told that right now the railway is working in Carrollton, so sounds like it could be another month or more before they get back to Rome. This is unacceptable.

I believe that the City of Rome should see that this doesn’t happen anymore and that they should see that when repairs are made in the future that they are completed when repair is done. Maybe the city should work with them to finish these crossings if this is the best Norfolk Southern Railway can do. There should be a way to get these crossings completed in a timely manner, and on a further note, when these crossings are completed they are still very rough and there should be better ways to make them smoother. I have been over crossings in other states and you don’t even know you have gone over a crossing.

I am asking that the City of Rome find a way to see that this problem is resolved soon.