Letter to the editor

I have never heard a suggestion to repair/replace the broken arms of the Venus di Milo. A damaged statue makes a bold statement in the Louvre; why not in Myrtle Hill. 

Instead of spending $200,000 to repair our iconic historical statue, why not leave it as evidence of what small, ignorant minds can do. Place beside it a plaque reading:

"On Dec. 22, 2017, cowardly vandals, under cover of darkness, slipped into the historic cemetery and tried to change history in a sacred place where more than 300 soldiers, both Federal and Confederate, are buried." These words are only a suggestion; more eloquent wording can be developed.

The money raised, in my opinion, can be put to better use in providing cameras, lights, and other security devices. In addition, designate $10,000 as a reward for confidential information leading to the arrest of the misguided perpetrators of this crime. I imagine those responsible have bragged about their stupid behavior. Let us see how quickly their "friends" choose money over silence.