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Dear Editor:

We hear every day about the ups and downs of the stock market and we all know why the market is down, but you’ll never hear it from the “Liberal Media.”

The Democratic party is anti-business and has been for years, and they have already stated they would roll back President Trump’s tax cuts and anything he put in play the past two years, so if your 401Ks have tanked and the stock market is down and if you voted for a Democratic candidate, just look in the mirror, you’ll quickly see who’s to blame!

It should scare the daylights out of us to picture Maxine Watters as Chairman of the Finance Committee and Pelosi leading the charge!

So in closing and voting in the future, just remember the Democratic party is anti-business and the Republican party stands for pro-business and prosperity and I can personally say I didn’t leave the Democratic party many years ago, they left me!

We can only hope the Democratic House can find some common ground with the Republican Senate and Executive Branch to legislate rather than constantly investigate!