Letter to the editor

We have recently relocated to Rome from South Florida, and chose Rome due to the beauty of the small historic town and the citizens. The down side is the VA system in Georgia and truly the clinic here in Rome.

We had to fight to have my father added as a patient after having to go into the hospital twice after arriving here, and understand that many, many of the local veterans are in fact turned away to have to go either to Atlanta or to a clinic across state lines. We truly felt unsettled by this knowledge and after receiving the most unprofessional treatment by the so-called head of the local clinic. On one recent visit when asked about certain test results, we were told all is fine, when asked more direct questions, the doctor finally admitted she never even read the test results ... and firmly told us she forgot because she was way too busy.

At the VA in South Florida the waiting areas were full and patients were still seen and appointments for follow-through were set in a timely period. Here, before a fight and having to contact the Commissioner, appointments are set four to seven months down the road. That timeframe does nothing to aid the veteran.

The clinic has been allotted four doctors on the staff, and I was told there have not been for way too long. I was told off the record the head doctor does not push for that number either.

I ask, are the veterans that live in the area being offered the assistance that they earned, and does the head doctor fight for them or truly even care? Why are veterans pushed away, and those that are able to be seen, deserve to be treated and spoken to with such lack of service or emotion?

Let us fight for the service our veterans deserve!