Letter to the editor


My most recent endeavor (or maybe bucket list item, the things, as we get older, we decide we should have done, but don’t know if we are too old, but still want to try before we can’t) was that one day out of the blue I decided I want to play tennis. Never really, actually played before, just batted the ball around with friends and realized from my former softball talent I would hit the tennis ball the same (not actually a good thing in tennis). So, I got in touch with my tennis friends and they directed me on who to contact. Now, I am a hiker and spend my extra time and exercise in the woods. I love the woods, the smell, the trees, and all the nature that feeds my soul. I had found hiking to be healing.

Also, we live outside town and have a small farm, and now I am going in the middle of downtown Rome, surrounded by cement and fences, totally out of my element.

I think as we get older it is easier to step out of our comfort zones, to try something new, or at least it was for me, being that I don’t feel like I really lived and got out until later in life.

So I got lessons lined up and my daughter-in-law lent me the racket she played with in college and I was ready, at least I thought.

I was a little apprehensive at first, but as I met people they all were so encouraging and kind, they welcomed my newness and awkwardness and I soon found out the little I did play was all wrong.

I think Rome offers such a diverse area for fun and exercise and welcomes newcomers and oldcomers and endeavors, whether it’s tennis, hiking, biking, kayaking, Rome accommodates for it all with mountains, rivers, river walks and great tennis courts.

I challenge you to move out of your comfort zone and try something new here in Rome.