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For the past two years until last week, Republicans controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Senators Graham-R and Durban-D fashioned a bipartisan bill which would have provided funding for the wall along our southern border as well as protections for those children whose parents brought them into this country illegally, DACA. The president, after initially agreeing to this, changed his mind. The impetus to find a bipartisan solution was abandoned. While the wall did get talked about, that was mostly as a rallying cry at Trump events. No more real effort went into the subject.

Now that Democrats have control over the House, the wall suddenly becomes a national emergency, despite data showing that illegal crossings are at a record low. But the “emergency” is now so severe that Trump insists the section of the government which is in charge of airport security, the Secret Service and the border must be kept shut down until the wall is appropriated “X” amount of money. Consider that: Such an emergency that Homeland Security personnel are not paid. TSA agents keep calling in sick. Airline companies worry about safety. It really is classic cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Everyone wants our country to be secure. No one wants a repeat of 9/11. But shutting down the part of government in charge of protecting us does not make us more secure. The solution is clear: fund the government and have discussions. The president needs to make up his mind what he wants; both sides must be willing to compromise. If the president won’t stick to his word again, both branches of Congress need to work together for sensible border protections and override his veto.