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Reader thinks Graves should share the wealth - with education

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Letter to the editor


Congratulations to Congressman Tom Graves on amassing $1.8 million in his campaign coffers. Quite an accomplishment, although given that his opponent has raised next to nothing and this district voted for Trump by 75 percent (making us the 10th most conservative district in the entire country), I wouldn't have thought spending time on raising money would be much of a priority. I was surprised to read in the Rome News-Tribune that only four people living in the district donated enough money to require being itemized. Even his opponent had three. But then this is far from being an affluent district. Given our relative poverty, I guess when Washington lobbyists, political action committees and folks from around the country offer you vast sums of money you'd be foolish not to accept. Too bad that money can't be donated to our school systems to influence his votes instead, that would actually help the district.