Today, (Jan. 17) I watched the worst exercise in futility that anyone  could ever imagine.

No wonder the press corps in Washington, D.C. has received the label of fake news! I sat and watched the press conference for one hour, regarding the doctor and the president’s state of health, where the “so called” press corps questioned the doctor over and over about the president’s health, trying time after time to find something wrong with his health.

I wonder why these liberal Democratic reporters could find nothing better to report, like the good things that are happening as a result of this president — just to name a few: the continued rise of the stock market, new jobs, pay increases, bonuses, return of business to the U.S., tax relief, low unemployment and the positive general direction our country.

For once in over three decades, this country has a leader (not always politically correct) that can lead this nation back to God.

And if any of us think we’re perfect in the sight of God, we better think  again, and thank God for the freedoms we’re enjoying.