Letter to the Editor

Reading the front page of last Tuesday’s Rome News-Tribune concerning the future of neighborhood enhancement programs, I felt that city officials should be reminded that Summerville Park, the 30-day Neighborhood Enhancement Program, was a great success. You, the public, are invited to view the neighborhood and observe how beautiful it looks this week. No trash around, no lawns overgrown and plenty of flowers to enjoy. The neighbors wrote to the City of Rome a big “thank you” for all that was accomplished for it. The Rome Police Department did a fantastic job in slowing traffic for us. In my opinion, the city should not give up on the excellent idea. A 30-day NEP would be welcomed by other neighborhoods! While the city felt that “the sustainability component… was not being met.” the 30-day model presented by Summerville Park was met, in the opinions of the neighbors. Don’t give up too quickly!