The Rome News-Tribune had a very interesting article on the Floyd County School Board’s consideration of an independent audit. As a CPA with ten years as vice president of administration for Georgia Northwestern Technical College, seven years as accounting manager for Berry College and as a prior school board member of the Floyd County School System who has witnessed the failure of the state auditing department, there is no conceivable answer but yes, an independent CPA firm is required.

The state auditor’s primary concern is to locate excess surplus to bring back into state government from state agencies. The Floyd County School System had no control over maintenance department spending, and one has seen where that got us over a period of at least 20 years. For the State Audit Department to be two years behind in issuing is absolutely worthless. In prior years the state auditors did not protect our school system.

All citizens, especially teachers, must demand the current board contract with an independent CPA firm that has experience in accounting for a school system and that will look at issues like going concerns of the system, weaknesses in internal control and overall management of the system. Reports will not be two years late.

I truly request the current board pay the cost and get something that has value.

Yes, to me and the citizens of Floyd County, it does matter.

Terry Williamson


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