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Jan. 1 – Dec. 31. One year. What did you do? How do you remember it? Did it go by fast or slow? How do you remember it? 12 months. Which was your favorite? Were you happy for most of them, or all of them? Did you accomplish any goals or meet any milestones? 365 days. Did you live each and every one of them or were you just alive? Did you simply just wake up and go to bed? What did you do during those days? Did you do those things with a purpose or because you felt like you had to? 8,760 hours. How many of these were spent working? How many of these were spent on the people you love? How many of these hours were spent working on you? 525,600 minutes. How many minutes did you spend living life to its fullest? Did you spend every waking moment as if it were your last? Did you make all 525,600 minutes count, or were you simply just breathing and going through the motions?

With 2018 gone, I feel the need to ask if you were able to successfully achieve the New Year’s resolution you made in 2017 for 2018? Did you ever accomplish the thing you said you would do tomorrow? How many excuses did you make? Do you have any regrets?

2019 is here. New Year’s resolutions will be made; will you do whatever it takes to successfully complete them or will you do that tomorrow? New opportunities are going to cross your path, so are you going to take advantage of them or are you going to do what you’ve always done simply because it is less risky and more comfortable? Are you going to live or be alive? This can be the year that you are not only going to show up, but make your presence felt like never before. The next 365 days will be whatever you decide to make of them. Whatever you decide to do, do so with everything you have, refusing to be nothing but the best you.

This will be the year for some, but for others, well, next year is only a few tomorrows away.