Letter to the editor

Dear Editor

My name is Mary Sick. Betty Schaaf* is my long lost sibling. When I was little, mine and Betty’s mother (which I am five years older) was getting a big belly. Well, my mom said to her mom she was going to have a baby.

I wasn’t supposed to know, I was eaves dropping so I kept this to myself. But when mom went to the hospital I finally told two of my siblings. Neither of them believed me, because our mother gave her up.

Mom came home but with no new baby. I never knew what happened till I got older and once again I tried to tell my older siblings, but they told me to quit saying that. As time went by I would watch news and talk shows, anything to prove he or she existed. And finally my little brother said, “Mary did you get a phone call today?” “No,” I said. He bugged me all day to listen to my messages. So I did.

Oh, my God, she did exist! She had found us, and I was right. But I thought my mom said his name was Billy. I misunderstood. Her name was Betty, a sister. Little sister.

She is very wonderful, and kind and generous and small like me and she is in my life and I am so blessed for that. She is a wonderful sister. I wish our mom could have met her. But she has us to tell her lots and lots of stories.

This goes with the articles she wrote on March, 17-18 and April 7 and 18. I love you Betty. From your big sister —

*Editor’s note: Betty Schaaf is one of our regular Saturday local columnists. She was delighted to hear her sister had written Rome News-Tribune.