I am writing today to comment on the losses incurred at the Recycling Center. I have been in the TV repair business for 47 years. Through all these years of dealing with electronics, I know at some point in the future getting rid of the old CRT “glass tube TVs” were going to be a problem and disposing of the units responsibly would come into play.

Floyd County has gone well above the call for responsibly recycling them. People may think these every “two months” recycling days come free. Not by a long shot.

Floyd County pays recyclers approximately 30 cents per pound to remove these units and ship them out to recycle them properly. I have seen through last 3 years thousands of CRT TVs turned in, and they can weigh for a small screen around 25 pounds up to 200 pounds for a large screen. Do the math. They have paid several thousands of dollars to do the right thing, not to mention the hazardous materials being recycled also. I have no idea what the removal of those materials must cost.

I have helped to recycle several hundred flat-screen TVs at no cost to the recycling center to help them save money.

I commend Floyd County and their staff for going beyond the call of duty to keep your landfill clean well beyond what other counties do.

Randy Fenley


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