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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader voices health concerns about jail

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I was jailed on June 24, 2016, for yelling at a woman in a Wendy’s who stole nearly $800 and all our pain meds. (My left leg was crushed in a freight car coupling in August 1980. I had over 120 fractures.)

When I got to (Floyd County) jail I noticed a strong smell of mold and I could see it everywhere. When I got to the cell block I noticed the mattress was strong smelling, too. I looked into the shower and it was scary, the wall was covered in black mold. A mold specialist condemned our double-wide in Rutledge. That jail should not have one person in it for five minutes. If you’re not concerned with inmates, then the people who work there are going to die of cancer, that I can assure you. Those poor people working at the public pretender’s office will die with cancer.

Please help with this ’cause they don’t even know the trouble they are in. In a few years it will be too late.