Letter to the Editor

At last the global warming fraud has been exposed. Investigative journalist Jennifer Marohasy caught Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology erasing record-breaking cold temperatures from its data records.

BOM was happy to an­nounce it whenever Australia’s temperatures hit record-breaking highs. However, when the temperatures went below a certain point the BOM either deleted them as if they had never been, or it entered them into its records at higher temperatures than actually recorded.

Against the principles of true science, it refused to allow its data to be audited independently, or to discuss why or how it makes its temperature adjustments.

The disturbing thing to me is that the same is in the U.S., where organizations such as NASA and NOAA have also been caught making adjustments to their own temperature data sets.

It sure would help if this scandal would be widely reported by our mainstream media. If it were, maybe we would worry less about global warming and stop wasting billions of dollars on a manufactured problem.