Letter to the editor

A few weeks ago, I got a speeding ticket. Did I deserve it? Yes. I was going down the road a little faster than I should and got bagged by one of Rome’s Motorcycle Brigade. The officer was courteous and even gave me a break, which I appreciated.

However, after reading the “Roman Wreckord” and counting the 40-70 wrecks every week, I wonder if running speed traps is an efficient use of Rome and Floyd County police. Day after day after day, I see people with their faces planted in their phones, drifting into the opposite lanes on turns, running stop signs, refusing to move right, and my personal favorite, not using a turn signal.

I checked on fines in Atlanta. Including the “surcharges,” failing to use a turn signal is a $189.78 fine, improper lane change is $250.63, failure to yield is $250.53, failure to yield to a pedestrian (think Broad Street) is $427.50.

Instead of running speed traps, position that officer at any stop sign or any intersection on Shorter-Turner McCall. It would be like printing money and prevent more accidents. I watched a woman texting, drifting, slowing down and just not paying attention. The city coffers would’ve had another $250.63 (at least). Now, I don’t know if the fines are the same in Rome and Floyd County, but writing citations for these offenses would better serve the community than having that officer sitting and waiting for someone coming down a virtually empty road a little too fast.