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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader questions Rep. Tom Graves on health care

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Graves:

To be completely honest, your office’s latest response to my repeated questions concerning the AHCA is abysmal. With that said, I’m going to boil down my concerns into a numbered list of questions below.

1. Considering the latest CBO score on the AHCA states that “about one-sixth of the population resides in areas in which the non-group market would start to become unstable beginning in 2020,” what favorable aspects of the AHCA overrules the fear of an unstable market?

2. Do you care that, according to the CBO, 23 million people will lose their health insurance?

3. Do you support Georgia requesting a waiver that would allow health insurance companies to charge more, and even deny coverage, to people with pre-existing conditions?

4. Was your vote affected by the fact that of the $299,387 raised by your campaign for 2018, only 2 percent ($6,426) has been contributed from individuals or organizations from inside your district? (According to FEC filings as of May 14, 2017)

5. Was your vote affected by the fact that 55 percent of the money raised by your campaign for 2018 has been contributed by PACs and special interest organizations located outside of the state of Georgia?

These questions deserve to be answered Mr. Graves. I would ask that you hold a town hall to answer them, but that doesn’t seem likely. Why hold a town hall when your constituents only pay 2 percent of your bills? The people who you truly represent are already located in Washington.