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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader provides food for thought

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Letter to the editor

Republicans control 32 states, the President’s office, the U.S. House, Senate and Supreme Court. Democrats control 13 states and five states are equally divided. Most large cities (urban areas) like Atlanta are primarily controlled by Democrats, while most rural areas — such as Rome — are controlled by Republicans.

So here’s my question: Why is it that most of the high paying jobs are in our country’s urban areas (Democrat controlled), and why is it the high paying manufacturing jobs in rural areas (Republican controlled) over the past 50 years have gone elsewhere? And furthermore, why is it that California, our country’s only solidly controlled Democratic state, is the world’s seventh largest economy, ahead of both that of Russia and Italy. Since Republicans are in the “pro business party” one needs to ask the question, why is that the case? Given the control Republicans have, shouldn’t rural areas be booming?

Maybe it’s because urban areas are more tolerant of diversity, maybe urban areas have better leadership, maybe urban areas have better educational opportunities, maybe it’s because that’s where the major transportation hubs, culture centers and healthcare facilities are located.

Or could it be that Democrats are just more progressive, willing to accept change, or are more futuristic thinking than Republicans? Or just may be it’s because legislative districts in rural areas have been drawn (gerrymandered) to keep the mushrooms in the dark. That way, those that have will be secure.