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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jackson vs. Trump: Not so similar

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Lately there have been several attempts to compare Donald Trump with our seventh president, Andrew Jackson. While there are similarities, it is their differences that are most revealing. This is particularly true in the realm of economics. Jackson was a “hard money” man who absolutely despised Wall Street and financial institutions that operated on a national level. Though Trump pays lip service to the villainy of Wall Street his actions prove otherwise. He has hired billionaires straight out of Wall Street to key economic positions. In fact, many of his economic gurus are Goldman Sachs executives whom he vilified during his political campaign. His tax policies are straight out of the worn out “trickle down” play book of the Republican Establishment: Enrich the Wealthy and All Will Benefit. Hardly a Populist battle cry. In terms of economic policy Jackson and Trump share one common trait: one sided solutions to complex problems that invariably lead worse problems.