Letter to the editor

The Rome Board of Education election last week was historic with two retirements and 10 challengers. For too long, this board has been a closed group without any fresh ideas and without the thought of change for the better. When new members have been added or chosen, they have been brought into an incumbent board and nothing changes. Now, with four new members, we have a new Rome Board of Education.

The first order of business should be to renew the nepotism policy that used to be in the board’s policies. That should be number one. And second should be to revisit the current board’s rejection of a joint College and Career Academy with the Floyd County Schools.

Much will be expected from this new board as it should be. The three returning incumbents, one who has only served for a one year appointment, and ones who came in second, fourth and fifth places I might point out, would do well to remember that this is not an incumbent board but a new board.

The challenge is before these seven members. All eyes will and should be on them.