To remember, June 25, 1950, was the beginning, with the end of fighting on July 27, 1953, when an armistice was declared.

When the Korean War, not a police action, started, a lot of young men and women went to a different country other than the one they had known all their lives. We lost so very many in this most vicious, gruesome time, one being our own Sgt. Billy Freeman, killed in action October 26, 1951, at 19 years old.

Freeman was the brother of Betty Freeman Patterson, wife of Charles W. Patterson, who was a driving force in organizing the Korean War Veterans Association in Rome. The association was formed in 2009, with their first meeting held Feb. 7, 2009. Enrollment has reached 39.

In the group of Korea veterans are men who survived and came home to their families and friends and began life again in the way they once knew it. Now these men are aging and many are being called to meet their Maker. As of this date, there are 21 who have answered the Last Call.

As our thoughts turn towards Memorial Day tomorrow, may we remember those sacrificed those years they were gone away from home to fight for our freedom. Now some have come back and different illnesses have taken them from us. Father Time has taken his toll on some. May we never forget! God bless America!

Raynell B. Waters


Sgt. Billy Freeman Korean War Veterans Association Post 1

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