I was quite moved by Leonard Pitts’ column on July 17. It is sad to realize that there are in fact many people that deny the Holocaust. It is a disgrace that anyone should mutter a word that would suggest the fact that so many human beings suffered at the hands of the Germans before, during and after World War II, is false.

The fact is that man has suffered from man since the beginning of time, which has also been misrepresented in our schools for so many years. While we have no “fact” to rely upon any faith, we should also be outraged due to the misrepresentation of the “theory” of Darwinism to be taught in our schools, while no faith is allowed to be mentioned to our children. I speak of millions of the beliefs of people around the world of Christianity, Judaism, true Islam or any of the other faiths that the people of our country rely upon that practice peace. As a Christian, I believe it is left to me as a believer to walk in and try my best to set the example that Jesus Christ left for us. Of course I fail, every day. I continue, however, to begin again each day to serve my Lord. It is not for me, nor for anyone else, to judge another for their beliefs.

What is shameful about our educational system is that we as citizens of our country are required to pay taxes to the authorities to teach our children what I feel is a well-crafted lie about the beginning of man. I’ll never believe that we crawled out of the oceans and morphed into the miracle of the human body simply by evolution. Any thinking human being should be able to grasp that concept. However, we pay the system to teach our children that we “evolved” into what we are. It is no wonder that our society continues to deteriorate at a rapid pace. It’s painful to read the news most every day, learning of shootings, suicides, drug use and moral corruption. It’s time we ask ourselves why.

Bill McClure


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