During this Easter season, let us pause for a moment to reflect on the real reason for the season, our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His obedience, love and sacrifice paved the way for you and I to be set free from the enslavement of sin, because Jesus became a ransom for our sins. He paid the price that no one else could pay, for He embodied all the prerequisites to make the sacrifice.

He was perfect and sinless in every way. What began in a manger came to fruition on the cross and completed the mission. When he released his spirit to the Father with a shout, “It is finished!,” his work was done.

Jesus was the only one to be the sacrificial lamb, to pay the sin debt to set the captives free. He was chosen by the Father to fulfill this call, which required he give his all, and he did just that. He was crucified on Calvary’s cross and buried that same day, on a “Good Friday” evening. He rose on the third day, Resurrection Sunday, better known as “Easter.”

His death on the cross completed his physical earthly mission, but through the believers and the Holy Spirit, his life-changing work continues.

He gave up his deity to be clothed in humanity, placed in a virgin’s womb, born in a manger filled with the ripe smell of animals and straw. Coming from a miraculous birth, he was destined to do more.

Sure enough, 33 years later he became the sacrificial lamb and gave us life for all eternity. Jesus’ death on the cross has changed everything so that now, no one else has to experience the death and cost of sin.

This Easter, please remember, it is not about the candy, the bunny rabbit, the egg hunt or even the fancy clothes, it’s about our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, and his death on the cross that paid the sin debt for humanity that no one else was qualified or able to do. He who knew no sin gave it his all so that we could have salvation through faith and trust in him.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Bobigene Pack


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