Letter to the editor


I don’t recall ever reading a letter of praise for some of the hardest-working folks in our community. I have been involved with several community projects as a volunteer over the years and whenever help is needed to get things cleaned up we have always been able to count on Warden Mike Long and the folks in the Work Release Program. They shine especially when there is a deadline.

Mike and the guys he oversees are some of the hardest-working folks I have ever encountered. One fellow took the shovel out of my hand to give me some relief in the heat, even though he was hot, too. They have unfailingly treated me and others with respect and courtesy. I recognize the inmates have a debt to pay, but the public should realize that with their efforts that debt is being paid.

I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention Officer Kiser and the state prisoners he oversees at the Cave Spring Cemetery. It looks so nice and is a place of quiet contemplation for our citizens. Again, their hard work shows and we all benefit.

I am grateful for what they are now contributing to the well-being of our community. I hope others will take a moment to recognize this as well.