Letter to the editor

It was disheartening to read about the break-ins of several vehicles reported in the Dec. 28 issue of the Rome News-Tribune. What made it worse is that three of the break-ins resulted in criminals stealing three lawfully acquired guns.

The thefts prove that it is perhaps wiser for a gun owner to get a carry permit so he can keep the gun on his person. Alternatively, he could keep the gun at home behind several barriers of security. Obviously a locked car by itself is merely a tiny speed bump to a criminal intent on breaking into a car.

Citizens have the right to bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, and I pray that law enforcement tracks these thieves down. Yet gun owners need to take responsibility for making it very, very difficult for criminals to acquire the weapons. Otherwise, society faces the supreme irony that lawful gun owners, who own their guns for self-protection, instead wind up arming the criminals.