My fellow Georgians, I hope you will join me in keeping our beloved president in office. In 2020, if we don’t re-elect Donald John Trump, our president who has worked harder than any other president to make out country great again, the wicked evil left Democrats want to socialize America and take away our second amendment rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, along with freedom of expression. Our constitution would become void along with our bill of rights.

After getting what they want, the European League of Nations would put American in a one world political system that would eventually cripple our country, causing it to collapse. The Bible talks of this happening just before the coming of the Antichrist.

We are a nation under God and blessed by God here to do what Jesus charged us to do. That’s to teach the gospel to the outer most reaches of the earth.

We must fight Nancy Pelosi and the fake news media to keep our beloved country that many fought for, including my father, alongside some who paid the ultimate sacrifice. It would anger my father, our founding fathers and those who have served and are serving.

God bless America and pray for our country. Come, Jesus, come. Pray for our nation.

Joseph Pope


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